Refund policy

It is our endeavour to offer a smooth and uninterrupted experience to our customers with respect to any payment transaction that our patients or users make. We also adhere to an effortless payment and cancellation policy as listed below:

Users of goficure can cancel the payment and get the details about payment status by getting in touch with our team through email.

We also prefer if you could read our conditions, policies and terms of use carefully. This will ensure you have the knowledge about the important information pertaining to your rights as users or patients and our obligations with respect to any payment you make through the payment link sent by us.

We constantly endeavour to meet your expectations, and strive to make sure all services meet quality standards as well as customers’ specifications.

In case a payment transaction you make is not successful, the amount paid will be refunded to the same payment mode. The refund process will take 7-15 Working Days maximum to be completed.

Note: goficure will not deny any payment made by you, which was not successful. The total time taken to disburse the refund to the same payment mode is the time taken by the bank to process this transaction.