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Breast surgery in Bangalore

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All about Breast surgery and its treatment


Breast surgery is a surgical procedure that is usually performed on one or both of the female or male breasts. Breast surgery is performed for various reasons, including medical and cosmetic reasons. In case of medical reasons, you may elect to undergo breast surgery as part of cancer treatment. At times, your doctor may recommend breast surgery to remove a breast in order to prevent breast cancer. On the other hand, breast augmentation, reduction, and reconstruction procedures are performed for cosmetic reasons.

If you are considering undergoing breast surgery, either for medical or cosmetic purposes, it is important that you understand what the procedure entails. You must also be fully informed of the benefits that are associated with breast surgery, as well as any risks or complications that might accompany this procedure.


Like with any other general surgery, your doctor can recommend breast surgery for various reasons. In the same way, we have various forms of breast surgery. Getting to know about the main common reasons for undergoing breast surgery is useful in that such information helps to array some of the fears or concerns that you might have before surgery, Breast surgery may be done for cosmetic reasons. Additionally, you could also undergo breast surgery for purpose of relieving any discomfort.

Other people elect to undergo breast surgery on the advice of their doctor, as part of cancer treatment, or to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Whatever the reason, it is important that you have your breast fully examined as this will enable your doctor to recommend the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

Breast reduction

The aim of this procedure is to remove the excess tissues, breast fat, and skin. Breast reduction surgery enables you to have smaller-sized breasts. You may decide to go for breast reduction surgery for several reasons, including:

  • To reduce the discomfort and physical pain caused by very large breasts
  • To reduce the size of your breasts especially if they affect your daily activities
  • To enhance your self-image and boost the low confidence caused by overly large breasts

Breast augmentation surgery

This is a surgical procedure whose objective is to increase your breast size. To do so, your surgeon makes use of fat transfer or breast implants. Breast augmentation is mostly a personal choice, to fulfill cosmetic purposes

Breast reconstruction surgery

The procedure is especially suitable for women who might have lost one or both of their breasts as part of the cancer treatment procedure. By electing to undergo breast reconstruction, such women hope to rebuild the shape of their breasts and in the process, enhance their looks. The procedure for breast reconstruction surgery is very similar to that of breast augmentation in that in both processes, the surgeon utilizes breast implants. Alternatively, the surgeon can decide to utilize your body tissues.


This is a surgical procedure that leads to in which part or whole of your breast tissues is removed. Mastectomy falls into various forms. They include:

  • Breast-conserving surgery: The aim of this procedure is to salvage your breast from total removal. We have a lumpectomy where the doctor only removes the tumor on the breast, along with a small margin of the breast tissues that surround this tumor. In a partial mastectomy, your surgeon will remove the section of your breast that has cancer, along with the surrounding tissues.
  • Total mastectomy: Here, the breast is removed in its entirety. However, your surgeon will retain the muscle tissues and axillary lymph nodes that serve the breast.


It is important that you consult with your surgeon prior to any cosmetic or medical procedure. In this case, we will give you discounted rates for your appointment with our surgeon. Such consultation is important because it enables your surgeon to gain an in-depth understanding of the situation.

Additionally, your surgeon will be in a better position to establish whether you qualify for surgery, or not, after assessing your general health. Irrespective of the kind of breast surgery you are having, your surgeon will be interested in the following discussions:

  • The reason for the surgery. That is, is it for cosmetic or medical purposes?
  • Whether you are allergic to any medication
  • The kind of medical conditions you may have received treatment for in the past
  • If you are on any medication, this would be a good time to inform your surgeon about it
  • In case you are taking nay herbal or vitamin supplements, make sure that you notify your surgeon as well
  • Your surgeon will be interested in establishing whether any of your family members have had cancer before
  • In case of any pre-existing health condition such as diabetes and heart disease, please make sure to let your surgeon known of this

Remember to also let your surgeon know of the kinds of surgeries you may have undergone previously


Before undergoing the procedure, your surgeon may need to adjust your medication, in case you are taking any drugs. Additionally, he or she may need to order a blood test to have a clear picture of any underlying condition or infections that are not apparent and that might result in risks during surgery.

If you are a smoker, you will most likely be asked to stop smoking. This is because smoking can delay your recovery by reducing oxygen levels in your cells. Your surgeon may also advise you to stop taking drugs such as Aspirin because they can lead to bleeding. However, your doctor might recommend that you take vitamins.

During the consultation, your doctor will brief you fully on what the surgical procedure entails. You will also be fully informed of the benefits associated with this surgical procedure, along with any risks and complications that might accompany such a surgical procedure. During the consultations, feel free also to ask your surgeon any questions that you might have such as the duration of the procedure or how your breasts might look post-surgery.


Although breast surgeries can get complicated, there is no need to worry as we have a team of medical experts who have successfully performed hundreds of such procedures before.

In case of breast augmentation surgery:

  • An anesthetist will administer the anesthetic. The procedure can be conducted under general anesthesia. Alternatively, it can occur under intravenous sedation
  • Once you have been sedated, your surgeon will make an incision on your breast. The location of such an incision is largely determined by the nature of the breast implant
  • Your surgeon will make the correct recommendation for such an incision. He or she can decide to make the incision on the fold beneath your breast. Alternatively, the incision can be made along with your areola or in your armpit
  • Next, the surgeon will insert the implant over or below your pectoral muscles
  • The next step is to close the incision made. For this, the surgeon uses layered sutures. To close the skin, your surgeon will apply skin adhesive or surgical tape

In case of a breast reduction procedure:

  • The surgery is conducted under general anesthesia
  • Your surgeon will make an incision that starts near your nipple. The incision will go down to beneath your breasts
  • Next, the surgeon will remove any extra fat, skin, or tissues
  • It may be necessary to relocate your nipple to a more central position
  • Before closing the incision, your doctor will insert a drainage tube. This is located at the site of the incision
  • Thereafter, the surgeon applies dressing

In case of breast augmentation surgery:

  • The surgeon makes an incision under the arm, around your nipple, or on the crease beneath the breast. This incision allows your surgeons to separate breast tissues from the chest connective tissues and muscles.
  • The separation forms a pocket in front of the pectoral muscles or behind it.
  • The implant will be inserted in the pocket so formed.
  • The surgeon then positions it behind your nipple. A breast implant can be made of silicone gel or saline
  • Finally, the surgeon closes the incision using sutures. Surgical tape and skin adhesive helps with bandaging the incision

In case of mastectomy:

  • The procedure is conducted under general anesthesia.
  • Next, the surgeon makes an incision all around the breast. This allows the surgeon to remove the breast tissues.
  • It may be necessary also to remove other parts of your breasts. However, this is dependent on the procedure being performed.
  • Your surgeon will order a laboratory analysis for the lymph nodes and breast tissues
  • In case the mastectomy is being conducted concurrently with breast reconstruction, your breast surgeon and plastic surgeon will work closely to have the procedures carried out within the allocated time.
  • Once the surgery is completed, your surgeon with use sutures to close the incision. These can be removable or dissolvable sutures.
  • The surgeon may need to place a plastic tube where the breast tissues have been removed. The purpose of such tubes is to assist with fluid drainage post-surgery, thereby avoiding its accumulation.
  • The surgeon will therefore need to sew the tubes in place. Their ends are attached to a drainage bag

Post-op care

Following the surgical procedure, the nurse will wheel you to a recovery room. Here, the anesthetist, nurses, and surgeon will continue to closely monitor your progress, inducing checking in your berating and pulse rates. They will also check your temperature and blood pressure. It is very normal to feel numbness and pain post-surgery, as the anesthetic wears off. You are also likely to feel a piercing sensation in the area around your underarm.

The surgical team will provide you with detailed instructions on how you will need to take care of yourself after being allowed to go home. Some of these instructions relate to taking care of the drains and incisions. You will also be advised on how to identify an infection.

You will be advised on the kinds of activities that you must avoid as they can either cause injury or delay your recovery. Certain physical activities can also raise your blood pressure or pulse rate. Stay away from such activities for at least 2 weeks, or until the doctor has given you a clean bill of health.

As you continue to recover from home, take into consideration that your breast remains highly sensitive to jarring movements or physical contact. In case the surgeon used non-absorbable sutures to close the incision, they will ask you to come back to the hospital for follow-up appointments, to facilitate their removal. During such an appointment, your surgeon will also assess the progress you have made towards healing. It is important therefore that you come for the appointment on the scheduled date. We will send you a reminder either by a phone call or, an email, or both.

Take as much rest as possible. In case the doctor has prescribed any medication to manage pain at home, please ensure that you take such medication as advised.

If you have had an implant, ask your doctors how soon you can wear a sports bra or compression bandage. Besides giving support to the implant, a compression bandage also assists with its positioning.

Make sure to contact your surgeon as soon as possible in case you manifest the following symptoms post-surgery:

  • In case you notice any redness or warmth in your breast
  • If you have developed a fever – this could be a sign of an infection
  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath  
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Quick and safe Breast surgery treatment in Bangalore

Breast surgery is done in women and men’s breasts for cosmetic reasons or for medical conditions. Cosmetic breast surgery involves reconstruction of the breast, to increase, or reduce the size of the breasts. Breast surgery is done for medical reasons on patients suffering from breast cancer, breast lumps, or back pain. Males who suffer from gynecomastia or enlarged male breasts can opt for breast surgeries.

Benefits of Breast Surgery Treatment in Bangalore

  • Higher success rates
  • Top medical facilities
  • Excellent support staff
  • Faster recovery
  • Affordable prices

Why choose goficure for breast surgery treatment in Bangalore?

Bangalore has a good list of hospitals that conduct breast surgeries. There are many well-known and experienced surgeons in Bangalore who will guide you through the entire process and conduct the surgery. Our team at goficure also provides assistance, counseling, guidance, and all sorts of medical facilities for patients in Bangalore. You can just give us a call and the rest will be handled by our experienced healthcare staff members.

In Bangalore, there are many medical facilities and surgeons who carry out the surgery. Finding the best one is difficult. So, if you are a resident of Bangalore and looking for the best medical services, we will help you. We will arrange appointments at the best hospitals. We will find the doctor of your choice. Our counselor will guide you and explain to you the preoperative and postoperative care and also the total costs of the surgery, hospital booking, etc. We will also provide nurses to care for you at home.

Our healthcare support staff will take details about your medical history, medications you are taking, or any other underlying health problems.

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1. Dedicated Medi-Pal

A dedicated Medi-Pal is assigned to you. Your Medi-Pal will be your one point contact throughout the treatment and post-op period. They will always be available for you


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After understanding your concerns, your Medi-Pal will schedule your consultation with a specialist doctor. Your doctor will carry out necessary tests and advise the course of treatment


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If you opt to get the surgery done, goficure will take care of it completely. Right from booking your surgery, claiming your insurance to being with you throughout the procedure, your Medi-Pal will do it all


4. Post-op recovery support

Your Medi-Pal would ensure quick recovery. This includes booking your follow up consultations and helping you with doctor-recommended steps for diet & exercise



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A dedicated Medi-Pal is assigned to take care of the entire process. This includes booking your appointments, scheduling the surgery, handling your documentation including claiming insurance, discharge, and post-op recovery

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With so many options, are you wondering what the right choice for your condition is? While you can opt for either an open surgery or a laser surgery, numerous studies have shown that laser surgeries are far more effective. Be it the duration of the procedure, post-operative pain or recovery time, laser surgeries always outrank open surgeries and are therefore, a better choice. Here is a quick comparison that will help you decide your course of action.
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Chance of recurrence
Procedure time
Rest advised
Infection risk
Bleeding risk
Recovery time
Success rate
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Open surgery
Weeks to months
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Frequently asked questions

goficure is an elective surgery provider. We work with speciality hospitals and experienced surgeons to facilitate your complete treatment from start to finish. Some of the things we help with are getting the right diagnosis and understanding the line of treatment. We help you decide if you definitely need a surgery to treat your condition. If a surgery is required, we will organize it, help you claim your insurance and assist you with your recovery and post-op care.
goficure covers multiple health conditions. At the moment, we offer surgeries for anorectal disorders such as piles / haemorrhoids, fissures, fistulas, and pilonidal sinus. For a full list of treatments offered by us, click here.
Your safety is of utmost importance to us. All our hospitals are COVID-safe and follow stringent safety measures. All goficure staff including your Medi-Pal are vaccinated with at least the first dose and wear masks. At all our clinics and hospitals, we follow procedures like temperature screening, sanitization and social distancing. Our doctors follow strict hygiene and safety measures and wear all the necessary protective gear before treating you.
Your Medi-Pal will be your constant companion during the entire procedure. You can rely on them for all of your needs. They will take care of every single thing for you, so that you and your family can focus purely on getting you treated. Leave out all the major and minor stressful work to your Medi-Pal. They will make sure your treatment is smooth and hassle-free. They will assist you with all the steps right from scheduling your consultation, organizing the surgery, getting your insurance claimed and helping your recovery post the surgery.
Yes, your Medi-Pal will assist you with claiming your insurance.
Our doctors come with decades of experience in performing surgeries including complex surgeries. We carry out advanced laser-assisted surgeries so that the treatment is smooth, pain-free and quick. You will experience no cuts or wounds. The surgery will be completed in a short time and your post-op recovery will be much faster. Compared to open surgeries, the success rate of laser surgeries is higher and the post-op complications are minimal.
Laser assisted surgeries do not make incisions. The procedure is safe, quick and relatively pain-free. You can go home the same day or the next day. You will be able to resume your daily activities in 2-3 days.
goficure endeavours to make laser-assisted surgeries affordable. The exact cost of your treatment would depend on the grade and complexity of your specific condition. You can book a consultation with our doctor to know more.
goficure is asset-light and has successfully managed to keep it’s fixed and overhead costs to a minimum. This means we can pass on the cost-benefit to you. You will pay much lower than what you would pay in premium, tier 1 hospitals. Despite paying lesser, you are ensured to get a highly personalised treatment and a very efficient surgery by the best practising surgeons.

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