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All about Pregnancy Care and its treatment


After you get pregnant, it is important that you get enough rest and nutrition so that the 9-month long journey is bearable and without complications, such as premature birth. If the baby is born too early, there is an increased risk of developing health problems.  Pregnancy care cuts across the entire 9-month period. This involves prenatal care and postpartum care as well. As an expectant mother, you need the necessary training and treatment to deliver a healthy baby. It is important therefore that you receive regular prenatal care as early as possible. This will go a long way in ensuring a healthy pregnancy.

Care across the three trimesters

When you are pregnant, you go through three stages of pregnancy, or ‘trimesters. The type of care across the trimesters is mentioned below.

  • The first trimester lasts up to 13 weeks from the time of conception. During this trimester, your midwife or gynecologist is mainly concerned with providing pregnancy care of your choice. More importantly, the aim is to promote your health and that of the infant
  • The second trimester also lasts for about 13 weeks, up to the 26th week. During this period, the focus of care is primarily on the baby. Your nurse or doctor will closely monitor your health as well as the growth of your baby. More importantly, the doctor or nurse is interested in reviewing your overall wellbeing

  • The third trimester commences from the 27th week up to 42 weeks. For some mothers, the gestation period can last up to the 39th or 40th week. Your midwife or doctor continues to monitor the growth of your baby while also assessing your wellbeing. There will be an increase in the number of times you visit your healthcare provider. The goal is to ensure frequent monitoring.

Who are the health care professionals that offer care during pregnancy?

Pregnancy care is primarily provided by three main health care professionals. They are a doctor, a midwife as well as an obstetrician. Pregnant women need to discuss with health professionals and families, the various options available to them during pregnancy. This will also help them know beforehand the kind of care they will be receiving from each of these health professionals.


Doctors need to undergo further training before they can mete pregnancy care for expectant mothers. They may need to study additional short courses or go on to pursue a Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Talk to your doctor about their experiences in pregnancy care. Try to establish whether they have any interest in this field. It is also important to find out from your doctor whether he has received the necessary accreditation to offer pregnancy care.


Midwives are highly resourceful in terms of providing health education and counseling to expectant women. This can happen at the family or community level. Midwives should have received the necessary qualifications with an accredited body.  Some of the roles of midwives during pregnancy care include:

  • Offering pregnancy advise and care
  • Provide the much-needed support while giving birth
  • Offering care and support to you and the infant after giving birth
  • Monitoring your health and that of the infant
  • Seeking specialist assistance whenever necessary
  • Undertaking emergency measures in case there is no specialist available


This is a medical professional who is professionally qualified in female reproductive health. An obstetrician has also undergone extensive training on maternal care. They offer their services at an antenatal clinic facility. Normally, you need to book an appointment with your obstetrician. In the unlikely event that you develop any complications during your pregnancy, you will most likely be referred to an obstetrician.

What kind of care can you expect throughout your pregnancy?

During your pregnancy, you will most probably require the following forms of care:

Antenatal or prenatal care 

This is the care provided to pregnant women. Antenatal care is important as it helps in reducing the risks during pregnancy. Moreover, prenatal care improves your likelihood of good health and safe delivery. During prenatal care, you will need to visit your doctor regularly. This allows the doctor to monitor the growth of the unborn child and your health too. Such visits also enable your doctors to identify any complications or problems before it worsens.

Mothers who do not receive adequate prenatal care put their lives and that of their babies at risk. Such babies are more likely to have a low birth weight in comparison with those born to mothers who attend prenatal care regularly. Moreover, infant mortality rates are higher among low-birth-weight babies, than those born with normal weight.

Prenatal care should commence at the end of the second trimester. During this period, it is recommended that you follow these healthy habits:

  • If you smoke or take alcohol, this is a good time to quit
  • Make sure to consume a healthy diet, including intake of folic acid
  • Engage in physical activities
  • Inform your doctor regarding any underlying medical condition. Your doctor will also advise you about dietary supplements that you should consume
  • Do not take any prescription or over-the-counter medication without your doctor’s permission

Keep away toxic chemicals or substances, either at the workplace or home

What can you expect during your prenatal care visits?

Your doctor might conduct routine screening and tests. Some of the tests include:

  • Checking for your blood type and any symptoms of anemia
  • Monitoring blood pressure during each visit
  • Record weight gain
  • Monitoring baby’s growth and heart rate 

You will have an opportunity to discuss with your doctor the exercises and diet that are best suited for your condition. Your doctor may also check the baby’s position during later visits. Additionally, any bodily changes will be observed and recorded as you get ready to deliver.

Depending on the pregnancy care package that you are on, you may receive a special class at the various phases of your pregnancy. During such classes, your doctor will discuss the following:

You will receive basic skills on how to take care of your baby. In case your doctor is concerned that the pregnancy is a high-risk one, on account of your health condition or age, it may be necessary that you receive specialized care. In this case, your doctor may advise you to visit the health care facility more frequently.

Postnatal care

It is important that you receive adequate care and attention from your health care provider during the entire pregnancy. This helps avoid some of the complications that can arise.It also safeguards your health and that of the unborn child. On the other hand, postnatal care is equally important. It starts as soon as the baby is born and goes on for the next six to eight weeks.

After giving birth, you will undergo significant emotional and physical challenges. In most healthcare facilities, the transition from the birth suite to a postnatal ward happens a few hours after birth. You will receive much of the postnatal care from midwives and your doctor will come in occasionally to check how you are progressing.

Part of your midwife’s job description includes monitoring your health and that of the baby. Your midwife will also discuss the help you will need to navigate through the delivery period and advise you on what to expect as a new mother. The midwife will also assist with breastfeeding and in taking care of your newborn baby.

During this period, it is also important that you get sufficient nutrition and rest. Vaginal care is also crucial during this period.

Getting proper rest

Every new mother needs to get enough rest after giving birth. This helps to rebuild strength. As a new mother, you need to do the following so that you do not get too tired:

  • Make it a habit to take a nap when your baby falls asleep
  • Your baby’s crib should be positioned adjacent to your bed. This allows you to breastfeed the baby with relative ease
  • Have your partner or an adult family member bottle-feed your baby as you can take a much-needed nap

Postnatal nutrition

It is important that you get proper nutrition after giving birth. This is because your body has undergone significant changes during pregnancy and delivery. During the nine months of pregnancy, you will have gained significant weight. The purpose of such weight gain is to allow for adequate nutrition for breastfeeding. As the baby grows older, the frequency of breastfeeding will be more. It is important that you get proper nutrition after delivery to ensure your baby gets sufficient breast milk.

  • Breast-feeding mothers are often advised to eat when hunger strikes
  • Keep away from fatty foods and snacks
  • Your diet should contain foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables, preferably 3-5 portions daily
  • Make sure you drink sufficient fluids, including6-8 glasses of water

Caring for the vagina

Vaginal care is an important component of the postnatal care given to new mothers. As a new mother, you are likely to experience the following:

  • In case there was a tear during childbirth, you may suffer from vaginal sourness
  • You may develop urination problems, including an urge to pass urine more frequently
  • Contractions might be a common occurrence, especially during the first week after giving birth
  • A vaginal discharge that might have small blood clots

It is important that you book an appointment with your doctor a few weeks after giving birth so that you can discuss these symptoms. Your doctor will conduct a checkup to advise proper treatment. Your doctor may also advise you to avoid sexual intercourse for at least four weeks after giving birth. This is meant to promote faster healing of your vagina.

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Whether you are a mom-to-be or a new mother who has just given birth, pregnancy care is of vital importance both for your health as well as for your newborn baby. Ideally, even young women planning to get pregnant should consult a healthcare provider to plan their pregnancies. There are plenty of healthcare providers in Bangalore.

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  • You can talk to your provider about the medicines to be taken during pregnancy, any underlying health issues, risks during pregnancy, or other pregnancy complaints like morning sickness, backaches, sleeping problems, hair fall, etc.
  • Our providers will also connect you to the best dieticians in Bangalore. Our dietician will keep a chart of your weight and put you on a healthy diet of proteins, carbohydrates, prenatal vitamins, and folic acids. So, if you are in Bangalore looking for pregnancy care, do not hesitate to call us.

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