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Stapler Circumcision Surgery in Bangalore

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All about Stapler Circumcision and its treatment


In urology, circumcision is the most common and oldest surgical approach. It is the removal of the skin that covers the glans. Most people undergo circumcision for various reasons, including religious, medical, and cultural. Paraphimosis, posthitis, and recurrent balanitis are the primary medical reasons for circumcision. Stapler circumcision is when a surgeon uses a stapler device to circumcise men and babies. The stapler device was developed in China and it has two leading parts which include the outer and inner bell. The inner bell of the device is made to protect your inner glans. The outer bell, on the other hand, has a blade that cuts the foreskin. It also has staples that are essential in closing your wound for simultaneous hemostasis.

The staplers used during this circumcision procedure are often used for efficient, safe, and rapid foreskin removal. The devices are efficient because they cut and close the wound immediately using small metal clips. The stapler comes in different sizes mostly 9. It is so because it tries to ensure that every time this procedure happens, it produces the best outcomes for you. The circumcision procedure is way better and faster than the traditional way because it has lesser bleeding and edema and the chances of wound reopening are minimal. If you are considering adult or young circumcision, this is the best and most recommended circumcision method you should always go for.

Before the procedure

Before the procedure, it will be necessary for you to undergo the following;

  • The first step is consent taking. During this step, the physician will explain what the procedure entails and the possible complications you may experience after the procedure. Additionally, your doctor will give you useful tips on wound care and management. Such valuable tips will go a long way in ensuring the healing process is as smooth as possible.
  • You will then receive local anesthesia. It will be done either via anesthetics injection or topical anesthetic creams. This will be done to block the penile nerve.
  • After the physician confirms the anesthetic’s numbing effect, the procedural area will be cleaned using antiseptic solutions.
  • It may be necessary for the physician to make an incision on the foreskin. The incision is made to facilitate the inner bell insertion.

How is stapler circumcision done?

The first step in the procedure is measuring the penis size below the glans by the urologist. After which, the doctor surgically disinfects the penis with the help of iodine. He may, however, use other essential disinfecting liquids before participating in the medical procedure. Below are the leading steps in the stapler procedure

  • The urologist measures the penis size below the glans.
  • After disinfecting with iodine, with 1% lidocaine, the doctor does the circumferential and the dorsal nerve block.
  • The inner bell of the stapler is then put in the penis’ foreskin to cover its glans. The bell’s edge is then brought to the same level as the coronal sulcus. If a patient may be suffering from phimosis, the stapler has a dorsal slit. The dorsal slit has the function of correctly positioning the stapler’s inner bell.
  • The doctor then removes the safety shield often in the outer bell.
  • The outer bell is then put on the inner bell and at the same time, the doctor ensures that he keeps the frenulum intact. After which, he removes the stapler’s safety bolt.
  • The screw often on top of the stapler is then rotated to the clockwise position. When this is done, the screw sandwiches your foreskin tightly. This triggers the stapler’s handle and since it is pressed, it cuts the foreskin. The staples close the wound immediately.
  • After the wound closure, the doctor unscrews the device and removes it.
  • The foreskin wound is checked and pressed with gauze. This is done for a minute to prevent any bleeding that you may experience.
  • The doctor with bandage compression put over the penis achieves hemostasis.

After the Procedure

You will be given a date on when you can come back. The main reason for the chosen visit day is for your wound to be inspected by the doctor. The appointment is often given within 2-3 days after the procedure. During this appointment, the doctor removes the compressed bandage after which, he examines the wound thoroughly for any possible infection or bleeding. After bandage removal, the wound will be left open. You will then be taught the best ways of carrying proper wound care when at home. Also, the doctor will inform you about the detachment of staples that hold the wound together, something that often happens 14 days post-operation. Lastly, during the healing process, you should know that you should not participate in any sexual intimacy until one month is over.

Possible Complications

Before you participate in stapler circumcision, our physician will educate you on the possible complications you may go through during this process. It is expected of you to ask further questions or clarifications in cases where you do not understand well what the physician is talking about. The most common complications that may be present during and after stapler circumcision may include the following;

Bleeding– even though bleeding chances are lesser in this procedure, there are cases where you may experience bleeding. In most cases, the bleeding may fall between small blood ooze to severe bleeding from the site. There are occurrences where bleeding will be minimal while there are those that will require one to meet with the physician. Therefore, if you feel the bleeding you are experiencing is not normal, we advise you to contact our physician or come straight to the facility.

Residual staples– silicone ring often holds the used staples on the device. Normally, the stapler and the ring may fall off in approximately 10-14 days after the procedure. However, there may be staples that may remain at the edges of the wound. These remaining staples may require individual removal from the site and it can best be done by the physician. It is for this reason that we will inform you about this possibility before the procedure. 

Wound dehiscence– most people who prefer this circumcision method often go to it to avoid suturing. Suturing is when the wound heals without the physician using sutures. However, there are cases when the edges of the wound may fail to close on their own. In such cases, the physician may have no choice but to manually gap the wound using sutures. It is essential for the physician to make you aware of this to avoid shock when it happens.

Pain– it is common for you to experience pain after undergoing circumcision. The pain is likely to occur during the recovery process. However, compared to the traditional methods of circumcision, the pain you may experience in stapler circumcision is significantly lesser. In case of pain, consult with our physicians who may prescribe the most suitable painkillers for the pain.

Wound Infection– you may experience wound infection if you do not take care of the wound site properly. After the procedure, the doctor will advise you on the best ways of taking care of the wound when at home to prevent it from getting infected. However, improper management of the wound may lead to wound infection where the wound may have discharge.

Edema– with this procedure like the other medical procedures, there may be trapped fluids in the tissues that surround the wound site. The trapped fluid is often the result of you experiencing inflammation after the foreskin removal. It is a common complication but you may avoid it through special dressings. However, if the edema becomes severe, you may use oral or topical medications to control it.

How stapler circumcision compares with other circumcision approaches

Stapler circumcision is safer and better than other circumcision procedures. When compared to other techniques, a stapler is better because of the following reasons:

  • The time the operation takes is often less than 10 minutes.
  • The blood one loses is way lesser often 5 times compared to other circumcision methods
  • The pain you feel is also lesser in stapler circumcision
  • One heals in approximately a day or two days at most with stapler circumcision
  • Bleeding possibilities are also lesser compared to traditional circumcision methods. It is because you are likely to have:
  • Lesser bleeding
  • Lower infection chances
  • Less edema and
  • Almost zero chances of the wound reopening.

Post-op care and diet

After completing the stapler circumcision, the physician often uses antiseptic solutions to clean the wound. After which, he covers the wound with an antibiotic cream. Using special compression bandages, the physician in charge bandages the penis.


You will leave the hospital and head home with antibiotics and painkillers. The painkillers will be essential for eradicating any pain you may experience post circumcision. The antibiotics on the other side will facilitate the faster recovery of the circumcision wound. For the prescribed antibiotics, make sure that you take them as prescribed by your doctor. At no time should you stop taking the medications even if you feel better. It is recommended that you take the full antibiotic course. The same applies to the pain medications the doctor recommended for you. Take them as prescribed by the physician and do not introduce a new pain medication that the doctor did not recommend.

Incision Care

During the stapler circumcision, the doctor made an incision on you. Therefore, for the area, only remove the dressing under the doctor’s instructions. Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching or dressing the incision area to avoid having infections in the area. For you to effectively remove the dressing, soak it in a warm bath. Also, avoid wearing tight underwear that may bring discomfort to you. Most preferably, wear loose-fitting ones that may not cause further damage to the area. The chosen underwear should hold your penis upright. Wearing such underwear will reduce the swelling. When cleaning the wounded area, do not use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide as they may slow down the healing process. You may, however, cover the area using thin petroleum jelly. Ensure that at all costs, the area is kept clean and dry.


During recovery, ensure that you rest well if you ever feel tired. Also, for faster recovery, it is recommended that you get enough sleep.

Try walking every day. It is necessary that as you walk daily, you walk a little more than you did the previous day. Gradually, increase the amount of distance you walk.

You may start showering once the bandage is removed from the penis. However, on the incision, simply pat the place dry. If you wish, you may take shorter baths.

You are expected to avoid activities that may strain your body like riding bicycles and jogging. Also, avoid aerobic exercises and weight lifting for approximately one month or until the doctor clears you and declares you fit.


For the first 24 hours post circumcision procedure, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water. Most preferably, drink clear fluids like apple juice and water. Drinking plenty of water prevents you from suffering dehydration.

Eat your daily diet. However, if you have an upset stomach, try foods with low fats like yogurt, boiled chicken, and plain rice. As a parent, if you notice that your circumcised child has increased bowel movement, consider it normal. However, if after a couple of days your child has not had a bowel movement, consult with your doctor. The stapler circumcision may not be as serious as the traditional one but a child may still be impacted after going through the procedure.


After your discharge, ensure that you go back for all your recommended appointments. Also, in case of any problems, call your doctor or nurse. We will give you our hospital number where you can reach us 24/7 if you have any inquiries about your child’s healing process.

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Quick and safe Stapler Circumcision treatment in Bangalore

Circumcision is an age-old procedure that is performed for varied cultural and religious reasons. Circumcision in both adults and children may also be performed on medical grounds, such as in treating infections of the foreskin and glans. Stapler circumcision is a newer procedure that uses a disposable device consisting of two main parts. The outer bell has a circular blade whose job is to cut the foreskin. The wound is closed using staples. We also have an inner bell whose job is to protect the glans.

Benefits of Stapler Circumcision Treatment in Bangalore

  • Minimally invasive
  • Fewer complications
  • Fast recovery
  • Affordable cost
  • High-end medical care

Goficure for Stapler Circumcision treatment in Bangalore

At goficure, we work closely with a team of medical professionals in Bangalore who have accumulated years of experience in conducting stapler circumcision. We recommend stapler circumcision over conventional circumcision as the procedure has fewer complications, The procedure is associated with minimal tissue injury and hence leads to faster recovery. The operative time is also shorter, thus greatly reducing the risk of infection.

Goficure has one of the most elaborate and advanced care plans when it comes to offering stapler circumcision treatment in Bangalore. Our consultation fee is one of the most highly discounted in Bangalore. We also liaise with leading hospitals in Bangalore that specialize in stapler circumcision. We will pick you from your home on the appointed day for the procedure, assist in doing all the paperwork, and ensure the procedure goes well.

We also assist in the recovery of your medical insurance, in addition to offering post-op consultation. This allows your surgeon to ascertain that the procedure was a success and that you are recovering well. As part of our post-op care and guidance, we have formed a partnership with registered nutritionists in Bangalore, who will help in developing a personalized diet plan as you continue with the recovery.

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