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All about Vaginoplasty and its treatment


Vaginal child delivery often puts significant stress on the ligaments, tissues, and muscles near or within the birth canal. This culminates in a loose vagina, thereby reducing sexual sensation and pleasure. Vaginoplasty, therefore, is meant to restore the damaged tissues and muscles of your vagina to a similar state to the one before childbirth. Apart from rejuvenating your vagina, vaginoplasty also removes any abscesses or growth found within the vaginal canal. In addition, the procedure corrects any congenital defects affecting the pelvic muscles. The procedure can also shrink or enlarge your vaginal opening as desired.

Vaginoplasty may also include alteration of the vulva to promote friction during intercourse. Any external skin considered surplus is also trimmed during this procedure. This gives your vagina a more streamlined appearance. This procedure has gained immense popularity among women who seek to have their loosened vaginal muscles tightened. The vaginal muscles might become lax over time due to the effects of aging,  childbirth, and genetics.

Why would your vagina become lax?

As you age, the skin around your vaginal walls becomes less pliable and loose. The situation is exacerbated after you have given birth multiple times. In this case, each delivery leads to reduced elasticity of the vaginal walls due to overstretching. Other causes of a loose vagina include:

  • Obesity
  • Drastic loss or gain in weight
  • Rough sex
  • Hormonal changes due to birth controls pills affect tissue regeneration, thus leading to vaginal laxity

A loose vagina means reduced sensuality during intercourse. It also means also that you are less likely to have a fulfilling sexual experience, let alone satisfy your partner. While Kegel exercises have been shown to somewhat tighten a loose vagina when practiced diligently, the restored muscle strength is very minimal.

How would you tell if you have a loose vagina?

Some of the signs of a loose vagina are as follows:

  • Urine leakage: If you have trouble holding urine, this could be a sign that your vaginal muscles are loose. You are likely to have urine leakage when you sneeze, laugh or run
  • The fingers test: If you can comfortably insert three or more of your fingers into your vagina at the same time, this is yet another indication that your vaginal walls are loose. If you do not encounter significant resistance while doing this even after an attempt to grip those fingers by contracting the vaginal muscles, then your vaginal muscles have loosened.  
  • Inability to achieve orgasm: If you or your partner previously reached an orgasm but this is increasingly getting more difficult, it can be a sign of a loose vagina
  • Fanny farting: This is a situation where you take in air during intercourse. It means that your vaginal walls are not in a position to tightly grip your partner’s penis, thus leaving enough space that can accommodate air
  • In case your partner has lost interest in sex and is no longer enthusiastic to have sex like before, or he begins to have problems climaxing or hold an erection after intercourse

Other signs of a loose vagina are:

  • Ill-fitting tampons
  • Diminished sexual pleasure
  • Vagina fails to close up after intercourse


How is vaginoplasty performed?

At first, your doctor will conduct a physical assessment to assess your readiness for surgery. A physical exam also includes noting down your medical history. The physical exam also helps to determine your overall health


Vaginoplasty can help correct a loose vagina by the surgical removal of the lining of the vagina. This is followed by tightening of the vaginal tissues and muscles. If required, your surgeon might recommend additional alterations and repairs to your pelvic organs. A vaginoplasty tones your vagina, thus giving it a more youthful look and feel.

Most women prefer general anesthesia over local before they go for vaginoplasty. This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia too. There are few women who choose local anesthesia.

During the start of the procedure, the surgeon makes an assessment about the extent of tightening necessary.  Once the assessment is done, the surgeon makes distinct marks inside the vagina to show the regions where the skin is to be done away with. The surgeon sutures the tissues to tighten them. The extra skin is removed. Women who have undergone vaginoplasty will need about two weeks to recover before they resume their normal activities.

Are there any risks associated with a vaginoplasty?

The procedure is associated with a few risks, including pain, infection and bleeding. However, complications as a result of a vaginoplasty are quite rare

Post-op care and diet

After a vaginoplasty, your doctor will advise you to take rest from your daily activities for about one or two weeks. You are likely to feel pain after the procedure but it will subside with time.

  • Your doctor will most likely prescribe pain killers to manage pain. Additionally, you may need to take antibiotics to minimize the risk of infection post-surgery.
  • Some patients report vaginal discharge post-surgery. However, this also subsides with time.

  • You should not have sexual intercourse or insert any tampon into your vagina for eight weeks after surgery. Your doctor may also advise the use of a dilator, although this requirement differs from one patient to another. This will depend upon the amount of tightening that was accomplished during the procedure.
  • Our healthcare team will give you advice on the right way for bowel movements and urination post-surgery. This is because both of these functions might irritate the surgical area, thus leading to an infection. It is important therefore that you maintain the area as clean as possible.
  • We give our surgical patients a fact sheet that covers the various post-surgical problems and care. The fact sheet also has a contact number that you can reach us if you have any queries or develop a complication while at home. We also discuss bathing and how you need to go about it.
  • We normally schedule follow-up appointments with all our patients. It is important that you honour such appointments as it will give us an opportunity to determine the progress that you are making. During our follow-up appointments, we also advise you on the daily activities that you may resume.
  • In the meantime, it is important that you take as much rest as possible. You must not lift anything heavy. Try as much as possible to wear loose clothing.
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Quick and safe Vaginoplasty treatment in Bangalore

Childbirth or aging might result in a loose or slack vagina. Pelvic floor disease complications or a birth defect can also contribute to a loose vagina. This can lead to reduced sexual satisfaction with your partner, not to mention the loss of self-esteem and embarrassment. It may also interfere with your daily activities, including school work, taking care of your family, and career progression. For this reason, it is important that one gets the necessary medical attention in good time.

  • goficure has assembled a team of some of the most highly qualified doctors in Bangalore in administering vaginoplasty treatment. These doctors have decades of experience in performing vaginoplasty successfully.
  • They have also mastered the skill of conducting laser vaginoplasty. Laser surgery is preferred over conventional surgery because it is faster, cost-effective, and less invasive. The recovery time is also shorter with minimal risk for infection.
  • At goficure, we take care of everything so that you can focus on getting better. We start by giving you one of the most highly discounted consultations in Bangalore so that the doctor can make a correct diagnosis of the condition.
  • We make arrangements with specialty hospitals in Bangalore where you will undergo surgery. We will make arrangements to have you picked from your home, assist you in filling all the paperwork, oversee the surgery, and arrange for your transportation back home.
  • goficure will also assist in getting your insurance claim. Our post-consultation is also highly discounted, which is a rarity in Bangalore. We liaise with leading nutritionists in Bangalore who provide post-op care and guidance so that you can recover quickly.

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With so many options, are you wondering what the right choice for your condition is? While you can opt for either an open surgery or a laser surgery, numerous studies have shown that laser surgeries are far more effective. Be it the duration of the procedure, post-operative pain or recovery time, laser surgeries always outrank open surgeries and are therefore, a better choice. Here is a quick comparison that will help you decide your course of action.
Cuts and wounds
Chance of recurrence
Procedure time
Rest advised
Infection risk
Bleeding risk
Recovery time
Success rate
Post procedure discomfort
Open surgery
Weeks to months
Above average
Laser surgery
1-3 days
Very high

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Frequently asked questions

goficure is an elective surgery provider. We work with speciality hospitals and experienced surgeons to facilitate your complete treatment from start to finish. Some of the things we help with are getting the right diagnosis and understanding the line of treatment. We help you decide if you definitely need a surgery to treat your condition. If a surgery is required, we will organize it, help you claim your insurance and assist you with your recovery and post-op care.
goficure covers multiple health conditions. At the moment, we offer surgeries for anorectal disorders such as piles / haemorrhoids, fissures, fistulas, and pilonidal sinus. For a full list of treatments offered by us, click here.
Your safety is of utmost importance to us. All our hospitals are COVID-safe and follow stringent safety measures. All goficure staff including your Medi-Pal are vaccinated with at least the first dose and wear masks. At all our clinics and hospitals, we follow procedures like temperature screening, sanitization and social distancing. Our doctors follow strict hygiene and safety measures and wear all the necessary protective gear before treating you.
Your Medi-Pal will be your constant companion during the entire procedure. You can rely on them for all of your needs. They will take care of every single thing for you, so that you and your family can focus purely on getting you treated. Leave out all the major and minor stressful work to your Medi-Pal. They will make sure your treatment is smooth and hassle-free. They will assist you with all the steps right from scheduling your consultation, organizing the surgery, getting your insurance claimed and helping your recovery post the surgery.
Yes, your Medi-Pal will assist you with claiming your insurance.
Our doctors come with decades of experience in performing surgeries including complex surgeries. We carry out advanced laser-assisted surgeries so that the treatment is smooth, pain-free and quick. You will experience no cuts or wounds. The surgery will be completed in a short time and your post-op recovery will be much faster. Compared to open surgeries, the success rate of laser surgeries is higher and the post-op complications are minimal.
Laser assisted surgeries do not make incisions. The procedure is safe, quick and relatively pain-free. You can go home the same day or the next day. You will be able to resume your daily activities in 2-3 days.
goficure endeavours to make laser-assisted surgeries affordable. The exact cost of your treatment would depend on the grade and complexity of your specific condition. You can book a consultation with our doctor to know more.
goficure is asset-light and has successfully managed to keep it’s fixed and overhead costs to a minimum. This means we can pass on the cost-benefit to you. You will pay much lower than what you would pay in premium, tier 1 hospitals. Despite paying lesser, you are ensured to get a highly personalised treatment and a very efficient surgery by the best practising surgeons.

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