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Septoplasty Surgery in Bangalore

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All about Septoplasty and its treatment


Septoplasty is a surgical procedure that is administered to fix a deviated septum. The septum of your nose has two nostrils. In between these two nostrils lies a nasal passage which is known as the septum. The septum consists mainly of cartilage and bone. For some people, the septum is crooked. When this happens, we talk of a deviated septum. A severely deviated septum makes it increasingly harder for you to breathe via your nose. This also results in poor drainage. Consequently, you are more predisposed to sinus infections.  Some people may also bleed or develop crusting as a result of the drying effect of airflow via the nose due to a severely deviated septum. Cleft defects may also block the nasal passageway. Correction of cleft defects, therefore, is an example of septoplasty as well.  We offer pocket-friendly consultation services. Our medical experts will organize for consultation with a surgeon to establish whether you require surgery, or not.

During septoplasty, your surgeon will reposition your nasal septum, so that it holds firmly in the middle of your nose, as opposed to remaining deviated. For this reason, the surgical procedure may demand that your surgeon make incisions to the septum and remove part of your nasal passage. Thereafter, your surgeon has to reintegrate the removed parts of the septum in the correct position.  

After recovering from surgery, it becomes easier for you to breathe. Before surgery, your doctor will discuss, provide you and your family with all the information that you need regarding septoplasty. This helps you to gain deep insights into the benefits of the procedure, along with the potential risks and complications that might accompany nasal airway surgery. In this way, you are better placed to make an informed decision.

What causes a deviated septum?

There are several factors that might cause a deviated septum:

  • Birth defect: Some people are born with a deviated septum. Such a defect may be traced back to the fetal development stage. Consequently, the child is born with a crooked septum
  • Nasal injury: An injury to the nose may also lead to a deviated septum. Such an injury should be capable of moving your nose out of position. An injury of this nature is likely to happen in infants during birth. Some of the causes of injuries that might cause a deviated septum in children and adults include trauma caused by a car accident, contact sports such as rugby, and wrestling, among other forms of rough play.
  • Aging process: The nasal structure may also undergo changes in structure as part of normal aging. With time, this may lead to a deterioration in a deviated septum.
  • Nasal obstruction: A deviated septum also predispose you to irritation and swelling of your nasal cavities. This may, in turn, lead to additional narrowing of your nasal passage. Consequently, this might lead to nasal obstruction.  

Some of the risk factors for a deviated septum include:

  • Fetal developmental defects
  • Failure to wear a seat belt while riding in a car
  • Playing contact sports

What are the symptoms of a deviated septum?

The vast majority of individuals with a deviated septum do not manifest any symptoms. What that means is that you are likely to have a deviated septum and not know it. Nonetheless, some septal deformities may present with certain signs and symptoms. These include:

  • Nasal blockage: One of your nostrils may get blocked. In certain instances, both nostrils get blocked. Consequently, you will have difficulties breathing via your nostril/s. Such difficulties become apparent after you have contracted an upper respiratory tract infection. Additionally, your nasal passage may narrow and swell due to contact with allergies.
  • Facial pain: A severely deviated septum may result in facial pain. Such pain is likely to affect one side of your face where the nasal blockage is situated. The ensuing nasal blockage results in a pressure build-up in your nasal cavity, and hence the pain
  • Nosebleeds: A blocked nasal passage causes the nasal septum surface to dry up. This predisposes you to nosebleeds
  • Choosing to sleep in a specific position: Some people opt to sleep in a particular position in an attempt to improve nasal breathing as a result of the narrowing of one of their nasal passages
  • Noisy breathing: Inflamed intranasal tissues of a deviated septum may also contribute to noisy breathing as you sleep
  • Nasal cycle awareness: The nasal cycle refers to an alternation of the nasal blockage. In this case, one side of the nose gets blocked and with time, it opens up while the other side gets blocked. Such alternation is quite normal. However, being aware of such a nasal cycle can be a sign of nasal obstruction.

Why a septoplasty is necessary?

A deviated septum is quite common. The problem is having a severely crooked septum that blocks one or both of your nostrils, in effect resulting in reduced airflow. As a result, you are likely to experience difficulty in breathing. In such a case septoplasty helps to straighten your nasal septum. This is done by replacing or repositioning the bone or cartilage. Depending on the severity of the deviation, your surgeon may elect to replace both.

What can I expect from septoplasty?

Before you undergo the procedure, your surgeon will take you through the steps of the surgery. He or she will also answer any questions that you might have regarding the procedure. Your surgeon may also request that you complete various routine tests, including an electrical heart tracing and blood test.

The doctor will further ask you questions regarding your general health. In case you are allergic to any medication or are on any medication at the moment, notify your doctor of this. The anesthetist will be on standby to explain to you the various anesthesia procedure and what you can expect.

Preparing for septoplasty

Prior to the scheduling septoplasty, your surgeon will arrange for a meeting to explore the benefits, risks, and possible complications that might accompany this procedure. Some of the activities that may also take place during such a meeting include:

  • Taking of your medical history: Your doctor will be interested in your medical history as this might have a bearing on the choice of procedure. If you have any preexisting medical condition and are taking medication for it, you need to inform your doctor. Let your doctor also know whether you are taking any supplements.
  • Physical examination: Your doctor will conduct a physical exam that includes inspecting the outside and inside of your nose, to determine the nature and severity of the deviated septum. He or she may also deem it necessary to order relevant tests that will give a proper diagnosis.
  • Photographs: A medical photographer will take photographs of your nose from various angles. Such photos are of immense help to your doctor as they act as a point of reference for his or her discussions with you regarding the surgery. Your doctor will also refer back to such photographs post-surgery for purposes of comparison and to assess the success of the procedure.
  • Discussing your expectations: When going for surgery, you have your own expectations of the procedure. Your surgeon will ask about such expectations. He or she will discuss with you what septoplasty can achieve, and what is not possible with this procedure. In this way, you are better informed while making a decision to go ahead with the procedure.

Precautions on food and medicine

Your surgeon will advise you to avoid taking medication that has ibuprofen or aspirin prior to and following the procedure. This is because such medication puts you at risk of bleeding. You should only take medication that your surgeon has prescribed or approved. You will also be advised to quit smoking as it might cause complications during and post-surgery. Additionally, your healing may be derailed by smoking.

You are likely to feel drowsy after septoplasty. It is not safe to drive in such a state. For this reason, we will make arrangements to have you picked from home before the procedure in one of our hospital vans. We will also arrange for your transport back home post-surgery. Our medical team will also assist you in doing any paperwork needed before surgery.


Septoplasty takes place under general or local anesthesia. The choice of anesthesia is determined by your preference, and that of your surgeon. It is also determined by the complexity of the procedure. In general anesthesia, the anesthetist administers an anesthetic via an IV line. Alternatively, you may be requested to inhale an anesthetic agent. The anesthesia puts you in a state of unconsciousness, albeit temporarily. It affects the entire body. In contrast, local anesthesia only affects the area being operated on, and in this case, the nose. The anesthetist will inject anesthetics into your nasal tissues. He or she may also administer IV medication to have you sedated.  Discuss with your surgeon prior to the procedure, the type of anesthesia that is most suited for you.

During the procedure, your surgeon makes incisions on the nose. He or she uses absorbable sutures to close the incisions. The surgeon may also insert soft silicones splints into both of your nostrils. This helps in supporting your septum. The packing of bandage-like materials in the nose further enables your surgeon to avoid postoperative bleeding.

Once the procedure is completed, the nursing staff moves you to a recovery room for further monitoring. The medical team will closely observe you and ensure there are no complications. Septoplasty constitutes an outpatient procedure. It means that you will get discharged on the same day.

After surgery

Your surgeon will request that you follow certain precautions a few weeks post-surgery. This will help to minimize the risk of swelling and bleeding. Some of these precautions include:

  • As you sleep, make sure your head is elevated
  • Avoid blowing your nose for a few weeks post-surgery
  • Avoid pulling clothing like sweaters and shirts over your head
  • Do not engage in any strenuous activities like jogging or aerobics for at least four weeks. Such activities might predispose you to nose bleeding


You can expect to have stable nasal tissues three to six months post-surgery.  You will also experience a gradual reshaping or moving of nasal tissues and cartilage over time. Septoplasty is associated with improved symptoms brought about by a deviated septum, including difficulty in breathing. However, the level of improvement after septoplasty differs from one individual to another.

Some people may also experience ongoing shifts in nasal tissues and cartilage even after surgery. In case of ongoing symptoms after the procedure, you may elect for a second surgery that will further refine your septum and nose.

Are there any risks associated with septoplasty?

Like all other major surgical procedures, septoplasty also has its fair share of risks, including infections and bleeding. You are also likely to develop an adverse reaction following the administering of an anesthetic. Septoplasty is also associated with the following risks:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Your sense of smell may reduce
  • Blood clot in your nasal space, that requires draining
  • The shape of your nose may be altered
  • Numbness in the nose and upper gum. This numbness is, however, temporary

Septoplasty also predisposes you to the development of a hole in the septum. It may be necessary to undergo further surgery to correct the above complications. At times, the results of septoplasty may fall short of your expectations. It is important that you discuss such risks with your doctor at length before the procedure.

About Piles
Quick and safe Septoplasty treatment in Bangalore

Septoplasty is a surgery that rectifies a deviated or crooked septum inside the nose. Patients that have suffered from restricted airflow through the nose and experience trouble breathing may find relief with this procedure.

Septoplasty is performed like an outpatient procedure. This surgery focuses on either replacing the cartilage and bone or straightening it by trimming it.

This improves patients’ quality of life when they can breathe easily.

Benefits of Septoplasty Treatment in Bangalore

  • Improved overall breathing due to opening up of nasal passages
  • Reshaping a crooked septum improves airflow
  • Reduces or completely eliminates snoring
  • Improves quality of sleep

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