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All about Hysterectomy and its treatment


A hysterectomy is the removal of a woman’s uterus via surgical means. There are various reasons why you may require a hysterectomy. Including curing chronic pelvic pain, treatment for cervical or uterine cancer, and managing heavy periods. A hysterectomy is categorized based on the amount of tissue removed. In a total hysterectomy, the uterus is removed in its entirety. The procedure may also entail the removal of fallopian tubes and ovaries.

The ovaries are responsible for the production of eggs and various hormones, including estrogen. On the other hand, once the eggs have been produced, they are transported to the uterus and await fertilization by the male sperm, via the fallopian tubes. Once the uterus is removed, it means you cannot conceive. You are also not able to have your monthly periods after a hysterectomy. This is because menstrual blood emanates from the uterine lining.

 A hysterectomy is common among women who have attained menopause but it can also be performed on younger women, depending on the precipitating medical condition. In this article, we tell you why a hysterectomy is important, the various types involved, the procedure, possible benefits, and risks. We also outline the post-operation care that you can expect following a hysterectomy.

Why would you require a hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy is meant to address various health problems that affect your reproductive system. Some of the health problems which possibly need a hysterectomy are:

Uterine fibroid

This is by far the most cited reason for a hysterectomy. The procedure is meant to remove the noncancerous growth in your uterus, known as fibroids. It is important to remove uterine fibroids as soon as possible, as they are painful. Also, fibroids cause heavy bleeding. A hysterectomy is only recommended to treat uterine fibroids in case medication and any other less-invasive treatment like myomectomy have failed. In a myomectomy, only the fibroids are removed and the uterus is left intact.


This is another leading reason for performing a hysterectomy. In case you have cancer of the cervix, uterus, endometrium, or ovary, your doctor may recommend a hysterectomy. The treatment approach differs from one person to another. Some of the factors that influence the kind of treatment received are dependent on the nature of cancer, your overall health, and the stage of cancer.


Bacterial infections such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) can lead to severe pelvic pain. Your doctor will usually recommend antibiotics to treat PID. However, in case the PID has caused extensive damage to your uterus, a hysterectomy may be needed.

Irregular or heavy menstrual bleeding

In case you suffer from irregular or heavy menstrual bleeding, a hysterectomy would be beneficial in stopping such bleeding. Some of the causes of irregular bleeding include:

  • Infection
  • Cancer
  • Fibroids
  • Hormonal imbalance


This is a condition where the endometrium tissue grows outside the uterus, as opposed to inside. The endometrium is the lining tissue that forms inside the uterus. The condition is characterized by irregular menstruation and pain.

Uterine prolapse

If you have uterine prolapse, it means your uterus has come down into your vagina. This results in urinary and bowel problems. It also exerts pressure on your pelvic region. Severe prolapse can be corrected by a hysterectomy.

What are the benefits of laser hysterectomy?

The following are some of the benefits associated with a hysterectomy:

  • The procedure takes about 30 minutes implying a shorter hospital stay. Most patients are normally discharged in a matter of hours after the procedure
  • The procedure is less invasive, implying minimal blood loss 
  • You are likely to recovery quickly form this procedure. Most patients can return to their normal daily activities in about one-week post-surgery
  • The procedure helps to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with uterine bleeding
  • In the case of cervical or uterine cancer, a hysterectomy can be a lifesaver, especially for women with a history of such forms of cancer
  • If the procedure is being undertaken to treat fibroids, you will gain relief from the pain and suffering caused by cramps and bleeding

What are the possible risks and contraindications of a hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy is, for the most part, very safe. However, like any other surgery, it has its fair share of complications. Some of the complications that might accompany a hysterectomy are:

  • Infection
  • Adverse reactions after general or local anesthesia
  • Blood clots
  • Excessive bleeding
  • The surgical procedure might cause damage to the pelvic structure such as the urinary tract or bladder. This would necessitate further surgery to correct the anomaly.
  • The procedure might hasten menopause especially if the ovaries are not removed

After undergoing this procedure, you can no longer conceive. If you are planning on having children sometime in the future. It is important to discuss this with your doctor so that you can explore alternative treatments for your conditions. 

If you are to undergo a total hysterectomy, it means that the surgeon will surgically remove your fallopian tubes and ovaries as well. It is important that you discuss all of this with your doctor in good time so that you are better prepared for the outcome.

How should I prepare for a hysterectomy?

Like any other surgical procedure, a hysterectomy can be the cause of anxiety. It is important, therefore, that you gather as much information about a hysterectomy as you can. This will give you the confidence that you need to make a decision on having the procedure. Feel free to ask your doctor any questions that you might have about the procedure. Get to know about the benefits and potential risks of a hysterectomy.

If you are on any medication, make sure to inform your doctor. You can then receive further advice from your doctor whether it is necessary to change the medication before having the procedure

Check with your surgeon about the type of anesthesia you are likely to be administered. For some, local anesthesia is sufficient but other patients would prefer general anesthesia. It is important that you discuss this at length with your surgeon.

Laser procedure

A laser procedure is equally effective as a hysterectomy surgery.  There is no hospitalization involved or cutting. What is more, the recovery period is very short, usually about 2-3 days. The procedure is also relatively cheaper in comparison with a hysterectomy with limited inconveniences and risks involved. Laser hysterectomy is less painful in comparison with traditional hysterectomy surgery. Moreover, the risk of infection or complications is much less.

Who is best suited for laser surgery?

A laser procedure is equally effective for all women.  It is especially safer for women with pre-existing health conditions which make it risky to undergo conventional surgical procedures.. Some of these preexisting conditions include heart problems and type 2 diabetes, among others.

What does laser surgery entail?

The procedure takes about one hour to administer.

An optical laser is used to vaporize the uterus lining. This will effectively stop the bleeding. Before undergoing this procedure, you will most probably be put under general anesthesia. The surgeon will then insert a hysteroscope into your uterus via the vagina.  The laser energy is administered in the form of a high-energy beam of light, contained in the scope.

What are the benefits of laser surgery?

  • The laser energy does not emit any radiation
  • The laser focuses on the diseased tissues only, with negligible or limited damage to normal tissue
  • The procedure is characterized by a high level of control and precision that cannot be replicated by surgery
  • The procedure results in limited blood loss since the laser beam covers up the small lymph and blood vessels
  • There is no direct human contact or incision involved, thus reducing the risk of infection

After laser surgery, our doctors will guide you on the best ways to heal after the surgery. Some of the advice and recommendations you are likely to receive include:

  • You are advised to take as much rest as you possibly can post-op. This will help to promote faster healing
  • Avoid stretching or lifting heavy equipment or objects
  • Our healthcare team will advise you on the best exercise. Try to walk for several minutes each day
  • Eat foods rich in dietary fiber, such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. This will help avoid constipation. Drinking plenty of water will also help
  • Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics or painkillers to lessen the pain that you might experience in the first few days after the procedure. Ensure that you take such medication as prescribed
  • Avoid sexual intercourse for 4-6 weeks post-operation. This is meant to give your vagina ample time to heal properly.

What is the long-term outlook of a hysterectomy?

You will stop having your monthly periods after hysterectomy. You do not also require to use any contraception. If the hysterectomy involved the removal of ovaries, you are likely to show symptoms of menopause several days after surgery

If you are not at menopausal age before the hysterectomy, it may be advisable to explore estrogen replacement therapy. Your doctor is the best to advise you on this possibility.

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Quick and safe Hysterectomy treatment in Bangalore

Hysterectomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of the uterus from a woman’s body. Hysterectomy can be partial or total. In partial hysterectomy, only the uterus is removed and the cervix is kept intact. In a total hysterectomy, the uterus, one or both ovaries, and the fallopian tubes are removed. It is more common in women over 40s or 50s.

In Bangalore, there are many reputed medical institutes for hysterectomy procedures. Hysterectomy is a complex procedure and requires thorough care and supervision.

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