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Laser Circumcision Surgery in Bangalore

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All about Laser Circumcision and its treatment


Laser circumcision refers to a medical procedure whereby your doctor removes the excess foreskin on your penis (also known as prepuce) via a laser beam. The procedure has gained popularity in India in comparison with conventional surgical bladder, primarily because laser circumcision is minimally invasive, and hence there is no bleeding involved. This also minimizes the risk of wound infection, not to mention faster healing. Laser circumcision is associated with minimal pain, while the recovery period is greatly minimized.

Laser beams also enable your orthopedic surgeon to cut the exact proportions of mucous membrane and skin. The outcome is, therefore, aesthetically pleasing. Circumcision is a popular practice among many cultures. It is usually practiced for cultural, religious, medical, and aesthetic purposes. Laser circumcision is particularly beneficial for adult males. This is because, with the traditional method of circumcision, they would take more time to recover plus there is the risk of excessive bleeding.

What are the reasons for laser circumcision?

Laser circumcision is practiced in India for various reasons:

Culture or religion

Islam and Judaism practice male circumcision. Among the Jews, the ceremony takes place about 8 days after the birth of a male child. In Islam, circumcision is done in the early years of the life of a young Muslim boy. Other cultures also circumcise their male boys at an early stage, mostly during adolescence as a rite of passage into adulthood.

Medical reasons

Laser circumcision is recommended on medical grounds, in the event of the following health conditions:

  • Phimosis: The condition is characterized by a tight foreskin. It becomes hard therefore to pull back the foreskin. Besides resulting in painful intercourses, phimosis is also associated with painful urination and infection. This is because bacteria and a tight foreskin act as an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria. Consequently, the foreskin could get infected if one fails to clean it properly. Additionally, in case you try to retract a tight foreskin by the application of force, not only is this a very uncomfortable experience, there is the risk of your foreskin getting inflamed. Moreover, having tight skin makes you feel quite uncomfortable when your penis is fully erect. This has implications while having sexual intercourse because it can get painful, plus you will not enjoy it as you should.
  • Paraphimosis:  Here, the foreskin fails to revert back to the glans of your penis. What this means is that the flow of blood to the end of your penis gets restricted. Paraphimosis is usually categorized as a medical emergency, meaning that it calls for immediate medical attention.
  • Balanitis: This condition is typified by the swelling and inflammation of the head of your penis. There are several causes of such swelling and inflammation, including skin irritation or a skin condition. Additionally, sexually transmitted infections and thrush are also implicated in the causation of balanitis. Circumcised men do not get balanitis. Therefore, laser circumcision would not only treat balanitis but would also ensure that the condition does not recur in the future.
  • HIV infection: Evidence by the World Health Organization shows that circumcised men have a lower chance of contracting HIV during intercourse by as much as 60 percent, in comparison with uncircumcised men.

Circumcision done to young infant males in their first month of life is also associated with increased protection against penile cancer. If circumcision occurs at a later stage, such protection is not guaranteed.

Aesthetic goals

A person may also elect to undergo circumcision for personal reasons. For example, one may decide to get circumcised to please their wives and girlfriends. However, there is no clear medical evidence that shows an association between circumcision and reduced or increased sensation while having intercourse.


It is easier to clean a circumcised penis in comparison with a non-circumcised one. This is because the foreskin encourages the accumulation of secretions and dead skin cells. Moreover, secretions also contain lysozyme, a natural antibacterial agent.  

Treating an inflamed foreskin

Circumcision has also been shown to be highly effective when it comes to the treatment of a foreskin disorder known as balanitis xerotica obliterans (BXO). The disorder, however, is important to note that circumcision can only treat BXO at an early stage. The condition is chronic in nature and often manifests in progressive inflammation of the foreskin. However, it can as well affect the urine tubes and glans penis. Circumcision helps to remove the diseased foreskin, Consequently, this prevents the condition from progressing.

Procedure for Laser Circumcision

Your doctor will explain to you what to expect during the procedure. He or she will also explain the benefits of laser circumcision. Any risks and possible complications are also explored. This is important so that you get to make an informed decision. Once you have made a decision that you or your child should undergo laser circumcision, we will book an appointment for when the surgery will take place. Talk to our medical team and they are willing to give you a discounted consultation and laser circumcision procedure as well.

As soon as you get to the hospital, your doctor will order a few pre-surgery medical tests to ascertain that you are fit to undergo the procedure. The doctor will also administer anesthesia. Circumcision is mainly performed under local or general anesthesia.

Once the anesthetic has taken effect, the doctor will proceed to use a laser beam to remove the excess foreskin. This is unlike the case with conventional circumcision where a surgical blade is used. In this case, the laser beam serves two goals. First, it cuts the excess foreskin. Secondly, it controls bleeding. As a result, there is no bleeding involved in laser circumcision. Also, laser circumcision is associated with a very tiny wound. This also greatly reduces the risk of infection. Furthermore, the laser beam permits the doctor to remove the mucous and membrane, and skin in exact proportions. The procedure is normally conducted in about 20 minutes.

What can I expect after surgery?

Following laser circumcision, the penis, scrotum, and groins might have a reddish-brown appearance. This is attributed to the liquid that the doctors used to clear the skin prior to the procedure. The shaft of the penis also appears a bit swollen and raw.

You or your baby may be required to stay in the clinic for a few hours post-surgery. During this period, the penis gets checked to ensure there is no bleeding. The doctor may also apply petroleum jelly on the penis, and thereafter cover it with gauze.

Your doctor will then allow you to go home after the procedure. We will make arrangements for you or your child to get transported back home after surgery in one of our hospital vans.

Your penis might swell a bit for a few days post-surgery, but this is very normal

Benefits of laser circumcision

  • Laser circumcision is not painful, compared to a conventional circumcision procedure
  • Bloodless: Since the laser beam helps to control bleeding, laser circumcision is a bloodless procedure
  • Takes a short time to administer the procedure, usually 10-15 minutes
  • There are no scars or wounds involved in laser circumcision
  • Faster recovery: After undernim laser circumcision you do not require a resulting period. This means you can go back to your daily activities after a day or two
  • You are free to take a bath the next day
  • You do not need daily dressing of the wound
  • Laser circumcision does not affect one’s fertility
  • The procedure gets rid of the various issues that may affect your foreskin

Are there any risks associated with laser circumcision?

A laser procedure greatly reduces most of the risks associated with conventional circumcision. However, like any other medical procedure, it is not entirely free from risks. Some of the possible risks that might accompany laser circumcision include:

  • Bleeding: While laser beams enable the doctor to greatly control bleeding during the procedure, there is a small chance that bleeding may after all occur. However, the kind of bleeding experienced with laser circumcision is very minimal. Such bleeding can be overcome by pressure-dressing of the wound
  • Infection: The risk of infection after laser circumcision is very minimal, occurring in about 1 out of 4000 cases. To control such risk of infection, your doctor can prescribe intravenous antibiotics.

In case of a bleeding disorder that runs in the family, it is important that your doctor gets to know of this before surgery. This allows the doctors to make arrangements for pre-operative treatment to control such bleeding.  Laser circumcision does not trigger injuries to the urethra or loss of the penis. Such cases are very remote and are almost unheard of.

Post-op care

After laser circumcision, you can expect to feel slight pain for a few days. This is very normal. Your doctor may recommend over-the-counter medication to manage such pain. Recovery from laser circumcision is very fast and usually takes about a week. During this period, you are advised to avoid wearing loose-fitting underwear. Instead, make sure that your underwear can hold your penis in place. It should, however, not be very tight.

You are also advised to drink plenty of fluids as you possibly can. Fluids are essential in terms of diluting acidity in your urine. This helps to minimize the pain felt while urinating.

You should not engage in any physical activities during the recovery period, at least until you have regained full recovery. This is because such activities put you at an increased risk of injury and this will delay healing.

Avoid using any cream, unless your doctor has prescribed it. Non-prescribed creams put you in danger of increased infection and scars.

Your doctor may recommend that you apply petroleum jelly to the end of your penis. This will minimize the stinging sensation usually felt when one is urinating.

In case you are still feeling pain even after taking medication, kindly get in touch with your doctor

During the first 2 or three days post-surgery, you can take a sponge bath. A full-body bath is, however, not recommend for at least 2 days after the procedure due to the risk of infection.

Avoid scrubbing on the site of the incision while taking a full-body bath.

Adults are advised to avoid any sexual intercourse for at least 2-3 weeks post-surgery

In case of newborn laser circumcision:

  • Your doctor will apply gauge dressing after the procedure. 24 hours post-surgery, you will be advised by the doctor to soak and remove this dressing on your child. Be careful about it to avoid letting it fall off. Once the dressing is removed, use warm water to bathe your child.  Your doctor may recommend that you clean the area a few times daily using warm water.
  • Apply unscented petroleum jelly on the area each time you change a diaper on your child. The wound will often heal in about 7 to 10 days. Once the area gets healed, you do not need to provide additional care, except for the normal hygiene.
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Quick and safe Laser Circumcision treatment in Bangalore

Circumcision is usually performed for various reasons. First, removing the foreskin reduces the risk for urinary tract infections (UTIs). It is also performed for hygiene purposes, seeing as a circumcised penis is easier to clean. Circumcision has also been normalized for religious or cultural reasons. In laser circumcision, the surgeon uses a laser beam to remove the excess foreskin from your penis. It is important that you get laser circumcision treatment from an accredited healthcare provider in Bangalore.

Benefits for Laser Circumcision in Bangalore

  • Affordable cost
  • Less invasive procedure
  • High-end medical facilities
  • Transport facilities both before and after the surgery
  • Highly experienced support staff
  • Very minimal risks

Goficure for Laser Circumcision procedure in Bangalore

Goficure has worked closely with doctors across Bangalore who are highly skilled in administering laser circumcision. We prefer laser circumcision to other methods of circumcision because it is less invasive, less painful, and has minimal risk for infection. Additionally, the recovery time following laser circumcision is significantly lesser than other procedures.

At goficure, we go out of our way to ensure you get a highly discounted consultation with a specialist. We also make arrangements for your surgery in the various hospitals across Bangalore that specialize in laser circumcision. We will make arrangements to have you picked from home on the day you are to undergo the procedure, make sure the surgery goes on well, and drive you back home. We will also help you in getting your insurance claim processed. We provide post-op care and guidance to ensure a safe and quick recovery.

Our post-op consultation is also one of its kind in Bangalore. It is affordable and client-centered. We have also partnered with leading nutritionists in Bangalore who will assist with your diet plan during recovery.

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Your Medi-Pal would ensure quick recovery. This includes booking your follow up consultations and helping you with doctor-recommended steps for diet & exercise



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With so many options, are you wondering what the right choice for your condition is? While you can opt for either an open surgery or a laser surgery, numerous studies have shown that laser surgeries are far more effective. Be it the duration of the procedure, post-operative pain or recovery time, laser surgeries always outrank open surgeries and are therefore, a better choice. Here is a quick comparison that will help you decide your course of action.
Cuts and wounds
Chance of recurrence
Procedure time
Rest advised
Infection risk
Bleeding risk
Recovery time
Success rate
Post procedure discomfort
Open surgery
Weeks to months
Above average
Laser surgery
1-3 days
Very high

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goficure covers multiple health conditions. At the moment, we offer surgeries for anorectal disorders such as piles / haemorrhoids, fissures, fistulas, and pilonidal sinus. For a full list of treatments offered by us, click here.
Your safety is of utmost importance to us. All our hospitals are COVID-safe and follow stringent safety measures. All goficure staff including your Medi-Pal are vaccinated with at least the first dose and wear masks. At all our clinics and hospitals, we follow procedures like temperature screening, sanitization and social distancing. Our doctors follow strict hygiene and safety measures and wear all the necessary protective gear before treating you.
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Yes, your Medi-Pal will assist you with claiming your insurance.
Our doctors come with decades of experience in performing surgeries including complex surgeries. We carry out advanced laser-assisted surgeries so that the treatment is smooth, pain-free and quick. You will experience no cuts or wounds. The surgery will be completed in a short time and your post-op recovery will be much faster. Compared to open surgeries, the success rate of laser surgeries is higher and the post-op complications are minimal.
Laser assisted surgeries do not make incisions. The procedure is safe, quick and relatively pain-free. You can go home the same day or the next day. You will be able to resume your daily activities in 2-3 days.
goficure endeavours to make laser-assisted surgeries affordable. The exact cost of your treatment would depend on the grade and complexity of your specific condition. You can book a consultation with our doctor to know more.
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