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All about Lipoma and its treatment


A lipoma is a soft lump of fat that mainly grows under your skin. They feel squishy and soft to the touch. Lipomas also vary in terms of their size. Some are nothing more than the size of a pea, while others can be a few centimeters in length. Most lipomas also tend to move a bit upon apply pressure on them. Nonetheless, it is important that you undergo a medical checkup to get a clean bill of health. Men are more predisposed to lipomas than women. They also tend to be very common affecting 1 out of 1,000 individuals in the general population. While lipomas can develop at any age, they mostly affect individuals aged between 40 and 60.

Lipomas are benign in nature, implying they do not cause cancer. They grow very slowly and are often not painful.  Lipomas are mostly harmless and therefore, do not require any treatment. Nonetheless, if a lipoma is painful or has developed other complications, you may decide to have it removed. Some individuals may also decide to have a lipoma removed for cosmetic purposes. Such people are concerned that their presence affects their appearance.

A lipoma can appear on any part of the body, especially on those body parts where fat cells are located. Lipomas mainly occur on the armpits, chest, and thighs. They may also occur on the shoulders and trunk. A lipoma can also occur in the muscles or internal organs, although this is a very rare occurrence. The actual cause of lipomas is not known, although genetics and particular medical conditions such as Madelung’s disease may put you at risk of lipomas. A painful lipoma or one that quickly grows in size should be a cause for concern. In such a case, your GP is best placed to give you the best advice that you need to have the lipoma removed such as through surgical means.

What are the causes of lipoma?

It is still not clear what causes lipoma. However, medical experts indicate that the conditions might be the body’s responses in the face of physical trauma. Other medical experts are of the view that a lipoma already exists before a physical trauma and that the injury only helps to expose it.

Lipomas may also run in the family. This often happens when a child inherits a faulty gene from either parent. Certain medical conditions also predispose you to lipoma. Some of these medical conditions include Madelung disease that is more common among males who drink too much. Individuals with Gardner syndrome are also more likely to develop lipomas. This is a genetic disorder that is characterized by the development of malignant and benign tumors. Other medical conditions such as Cowden’s syndrome may also trigger the development of lipomas.

The following risk factors put you at a higher risk for lipomas:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Age: While lipomas can occur at any age, people aged between 40 and 60 are more predisposed to lipomas than any other age group
  • Lack of exercise: Inactive individuals are highly prone to lipomas. This is in other words, physical activity acts as a form of protection against lipomas
  • Sex: Males are more prone to lipomas than females
  • Liver disorder

What are the signs and symptoms of a lipoma?

Lipomas rarely manifest in any pain. However, a lipoma can at times, get painful, especially in case it presses on the adjacent nerves. You may be having a lipoma and not know about it. Due to the absence of noticeable symptoms.  Some of the distinct characteristics of a lipoma include:

  • Being colorless
  • Doughy and soft in appearance
  • Located beneath the skin
  • Slow growth
  • They move with relative ease, especially if you apply pressure on them with your finger

Other symptoms that lipomas may present with include:

  • Encapsulated: lipomas rarely spread to the surrounding tissues
  • Oval or round in shape: The shape of lipomas is largely attributed to the rubbery tissues that make up the fatty lumps. Such tissues often assume a symmetrical appearance
  • Less than 2 inches thick: Most lipomas do not exceed 2 inches in terms of diameter. However, some lipomas can be as large as 6 inches, if not wider

Your GP is best placed to distinguish a lump caused by lipoma from other types of lumps. Additionally, your GP will most likely order a scan of the lump to confirm if indeed it is a lipoma. If a lump manifest in the following characteristics, you should see your GP immediately:

  • The lump has turned red and is painful
  • The lump is immobile and hard
  • The lump appears anywhere on your body

How to diagnose a lipoma?

To diagnose a lipoma, your healthcare providers will most probably start by conducting a physical exam. He or she will feel the lump to ascertain whether it is painful and soft. During the physical exam, your GP will also check to see whether the lump moves when prodded with fingers. This is because a lipoma consists of fatty tissues and therefore can move easily.

The GP may also take your medical history. This will help to ascertain whether lipomas run in your family or you may have another medical condition that might trigger the development of a lipoma.

In case the lipoma is large in size, your GP may have to order an X-ray. This will help to identify unusual appearances or features of the lipoma. A CT or MRI scan will also help to give a clearer image of the lipoma.

In rare instances, the lump due to a lipoma might resemble fatty tissues that are associated with the development of liposarcoma. This is a condition whereby cancerous tumors are found in fatty tissues.  However, unlike a lipoma, liposarcomas are painful and grow fat. Moreover, liposarcomas are immobile beneath the skin.

In case your GP suspects you have liposarcoma, he or she would have to order a CT, MRI scan, or biopsy. Moreover, a CT or MRI scan enables the GP to identify the actual condition of the lipoma. It becomes easier also to tell the depth to which a lipoma is located in the blood vessels. Additionally, your doctor can tell if the lipoma is pressing on any tissues or nerves.

Treating lipoma

Most lipomas do not need to be treated. Your doctor will schedule several appointments so that he or she can monitor any changes in the lipoma, such as an increase in size. The only time when it may be necessary to treat lipomas is they are growing and painful. Also, if the lipoma is a source of embarrassment or is situated in an embarrassing place, you may feel compelled to have them removed. The main forms of treatment for lipomas are:


This is a surgical procedure that assists with the complete removal of a lipoma.

Before the surgery, your surgeon will ask you whether you are taking any medicine. They may advise you to discontinue such medication in case they feel that they will interfere with the surgery. We often make arrangements to provide you with transport to the clinic in one of our vans on the eve before the procedure. Additionally, our medical experts will assist you to get ready for the surgery by among others, filling consent forms, etc. We will also answer any questions that you might have regarding the surgery, to put you at ease.

The surgeon begins by marking the outline of the swelling on your skin. The surgeon will then mark and orient the skin incision. the goal is to ensure the skin incision gets oriented with your natural skin lines. In this way, it becomes harder to identify the ensuing scar.

The anesthetist will inject a local anesthetic with a view to numb the area. They then use an antiseptic solution to clean the skin that overlays the area where the lipoma is located.

The surgeon makes an incision in the overlying skin. He or she proceeds to dissect down the tissues to facilitate the identification of a lipoma. The lipoma once identified, the surgeon separates the lipoma from the surrounding tissues. It is then removed. The surgeon has to cauterize the wound as a means of stopping any bleeding. Absorbable sutures help in closing the wound, followed by the application of a dressing.

The surgeon may send the removed lipoma to the lab for further analysis in case they feel that it might be cancerous. They may also decide to have it analyzed just to put you at ease. Otherwise, there is no need to subject the lipoma to routine analysis.

A lipoma may also be removed via liposuction. It is important to note, however, that liposuction does not constitute a standard procedure in treating lipomas. The procedure is associated with minimal scarring. However, it does not completely remove lipomas. For this reason, the risk of a lipoma recurring after liposuction is very high.

Lipoma treatment is associated with more benefits than risks. However, it leads to a permanent scar. Other risks associated with lipoma removal include poor scarring and would infection.

Laser lipolysis

This is a minimally invasive procedure that utilizes a laser to melt the fat cells in a lipoma. This is a safe and effective procedure that is associated with minimal side effects. Besides, the laser procedure is highly convenient in that the procedure takes about 30 minutes. Also, you can resume your usual daily activities the next day after surgery.

During the procedure, your surgeon may administer local anesthesia. They will then proceed to make a small incision under the skin. Thereafter, the surgeon inserts a tiny laser that helps to liquify the fat. Once melted, the fat is sucked out via a tiny tube known as a cannula. Unlike an incision procedure, laser lipolysis is associated with minimal pain, swelling, and bruising. For these reasons, laser lipolysis is preferred over other surgical procedures for treating lipomas.

Post-op care

After lipoma surgery, your surgeon should be in a position to release you a few hours following the procedure. This will, however, depend on the size of the lipoma and the superficial mass involved. Also, the location and size of your lipoma will influence the duration that you take before resuming most of your daily activities. If the surgery involves stitched wounds, these take about 14 days to get heal. Your surgeon will request that you take as much rest as possible during this recovery period. You must not engage in any strenuous or heavy exercise.

Most people should be able to resume their office job a day or two after the procedure. You may however take between 2 and 4 weeks before resuming strenuous activities such as swimming,  

For laser lipolysis, the recovery period is even shorter.  Your surgeon will often apply a splash-proof dressing to allow you to take showers.

It is important that you follow your surgeon’s instructions carefully about taking care of the wound and avoiding certain movements to promote faster healing. Once the scar has healed, you may apply a scar cream. The scar will fade with time. You must, however, closely monitor the scar just in case there is any bleeding or other forms of abnormalities.

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Quick and safe Lipoma treatment in Bangalore

Lipomas are fatty lumps of tissues that grow beneath the skin. They are a form of a tumor but are usually harmless and noncancerous. Lipomas are small lumps that may move with finger pressure. Lipomas are more common in middle-aged women and men and also in people with a family history of lipomas. If you notice some lumps beneath your skin, you may consult the doctor and he/she may decide whether you need further tests or not. In some cases, they may be removed through surgery if they are causing pain or other discomforts. Lipomas are usually treated with steroids or via a small surgery.

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