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Cost of ovarian cyst removal surgery in Bangalore

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An ovarian cyst removal surgery is a procedure to remove symptomatic cysts from the ovary that are causing pain and discomfort. The procedure is also known as ovarian cystectomy.

Ovarian cysts are very common and usually are harmless, and cause little to no symptoms. They may rarely cause any pain or discomfort and typically go away within a few months. These cysts are known as functional cysts.

A doctor usually suggests surgery if the cysts are larger (more than 3 inches in diameter), causing pain and other symptoms like heavy menstrual bleeding, or are showing symptoms of malignancy.

The cost of ovarian cyst removal surgery depends on the type of procedure and other related factors. Ovarian cystectomy consists of two types:

Open-cut cystectomy or laparotomy – This is an open procedure where the surgeon makes a large cut to remove the cyst. The procedure is usually done if the surgeon suspects that the cyst is cancerous. In some cases, the surgeon may remove the ovary along with the cyst (oophorectomy).

Laparoscopic cystectomy – This is a minimally invasive procedure. A laparoscope and other surgical tools are inserted through small incisions to remove the cyst.

Factors that influence the cost of ovarian cyst removal surgery

The cost of ovarian cystectomy in Bangalore may vary depending on the hospital where you are having the surgery, the type of procedure, the number of cysts removed, etc. Factors influencing the cost of surgery include:

Type of surgery

Your surgeon will decide the type of procedure depending on the ovarian cyst symptoms and health conditions. An ovarian cystectomy that preserves the ovary will be less costly than an oophorectomy that involves the removal of cysts along with the entire ovary.

Hospital choice

The hospital where you are having the surgery will impact the treatment cost. A private hospital with the latest technologies and better amenities will cost more than a government hospital. The type of room where you are staying after the surgery also determines the cost. The rent for a premium deluxe room or suite will be far more than a twin-sharing or four-bedded room.

Type of ovarian cyst and number of cysts

The type of cyst removed and the number of cysts that were removed will also impact the overall treatment cost.

Surgery cost

This includes:

  • Surgeon’s fees
  • Anaesthesiologist’s fees
  • Operation theatre rent
  • Type of anesthetic applied

A surgeon with more experience and expertise will charge higher fees. The length of the procedure will also determine the anesthesia cost.

Diagnostic tests

These tests include blood tests, ultrasounds, and other tests before and after the procedure to assess the condition and the success of the operation after surgery.


Treatment medications include medicines that were prescribed before the procedure as well as pain medications and antibiotics to aid in recovery post-surgery.

Post-surgery complications

Post-surgery complications are rare, but if they occur, you might need to stay in the hospital for a longer period for additional management. This will include additional hospital stay charges, medicines, and treatment costs.

Insurance coverage

A good medical insurance plan will help cover the cost of the procedure. You must confirm the coverage with your insurance provider and the hospital staff before you plan for the surgery.

Follow-up consultations

The cost of follow-up consultations depends on the number of visits to the doctor. If there are multiple visits, the cost will be higher.

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What is the cost of ovarian cyst removal surgery in Bangalore?

The cost of ovarian cyst removal surgery in Bangalore can be anywhere between Rs. 55,000 to Rs. 90,000. The cost varies depending on the type of procedure, surgeon’s expertise, type of cyst, surgery complications, and your overall health.


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Final words

Ovarian cyst surgery or cystectomy is a common procedure. The price variation generally depends on factors like the type of surgery, the hospital, and your insurance policy. It can also depend on your general health condition. Women with underlying medical conditions may have a longer hospital stay and will require additional treatments. This can increase the overall cost of the surgery.

  • Take painkillers as directed
  • Follow post-operative instructions
  • Take adequate rest for faster recovery
  • Drive immediately after surgery
  • Drink alcohol as it can disrupt the healing process
  • Get indulged in strenuous activities


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